Location Planning: Where are the Students at ?

As an example on how one can benefit from the free tools offered by Mappixie, we consider an imaginary case about two young entrepreneurs: Lisa & Marc.

After their graduation three years ago, they decided to start an Ice Cream parlor in Leuven.¬† This town hosts Belgium’s largest university and is home to a gigantic horde of ice-cream loving students and young graduates. What started out as an okay undertaking really took off when a year ago they decided to differentiate themselves more explicitly from the competition. They changed their offering from traditional ice-cream to specialized and exclusive products targeting the active youth. The place became an instant-hit and household name with the student-population of Leuven upon release of their frozen diet-red-bull yoghurt mix: the low-calory refreshing yoghurt that keeps you going all night long.

With demand peaking during the summer exams and the many festivals that take place in the town of Leuven, both Lisa and Marc noticed a lot of interest from french speaking visiting students who simply could not understand why this concept was not available in their town. So, Lisa and Marc decided to expand.

When they founded their first parlor years ago, choosing a location was a no-brainer: both studied for years in Leuven and they quickly found a great location they could use right in the heart of the student presence. Determining the location of their second venue proves to be more difficult, since neither have any good knowledge of the area, and that’s where Mappixie came into the picture. Instead of guessing where the students are, they decide to do a demography analysis of their new location and generate a map showing where young people flock in the French university-town of Louvain-la-Neuve.

Population density of young people/students

From their experience in Leuven, they know that their success with the younger generation attracts a certain audience which caused their parlor to be rather unpopular and scrowned upon by the older generation. So, in an attempt to avoid possible future problems, they prefer an area where the generation of people aged 50-60 is not too dominant.

They create similar map for this older generation (age 50-60) and instantly see the difference  (hover your mouse pointer over the map to toggle between the two maps).

Population density of older people (hover to show student density)

The area just south of Avenue Georges seems like a great location to start! Let’s go check it out. Ice cream anyone?

Determine the optimal location for your own store with our free web app (limited to Belgium for now – contact us for other countries).

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