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You have collected a lot of customer data and know exactly where your own offices, shops or restaurants are located. We can get this data from a simple Excel sheet or extract it directly from your CRM system or BI platform.

For each location based question, we have a set of analysis techniques to help answer them. We can calculate drivetime zones, determine ideal shop locations, show customer profiles and more.

Instead of boring tables and graphs, we generate beautiful maps which provide you with surprisingly new insights. Don't make decisions based just on gut feeling. Use our maps to make objective decisions!


  • Drivetime zones

    A drivetime zone shows you the area you can reach by car, starting from a given location. This case study calculates drivetime zones and allows you to fill them up with a demographic profile.

  • Drivetime zones with inhabitant density

    This case study shows the inhabitants with a specified demographic profile in a reachability zone. This answers questions such as "How many young women can reach my café within a 10 minutes drive?".

  • Comparing Reachability

    In this relative reachability map for Quick restaurants we have calculated the time needed for a consumer to reach the nearest Quick restaurant. We have done the same for every restaurant of their biggest competitor McDonalds. Finally, we substract the results from each other and visualise the result on a map. The colorscheme varies from green (Quick is closer by), over yellow (both McDonalds and Quick are equally well reachable) to red: it's easier to reach a McDonalds restaurant than a Quick. For clarity, we have left those parts of Belgium where it takes more than 10 minutes to reach either a Quick or a McDonalds restaurant uncolored.

  • Thematic Mapping

    Creating a thematic map in a few clicks? At Mappixie, we’re making it possible. A few days ago the Belgian government published the number of inhabitants of all communes by nationality. In this post we investigate where people originating from the Netherlands are living in Belgium.


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